Dual Pain System

Dual Pain System

Pain Relief – 2 PAD


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Pain is a natural sensory response triggered by chemical changes at the cellular level. The experience of pain can be focused and acute like a sprain or overworked muscle, or diffused and chronic like fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis. Pain has many causes, usually stemming from tissue damage and inflammation. Regardless of the origin, the underlying pathophysiology of pain includes alterations in blood flow circulation and localized inflammation

Routine application of InLight Medical PLT supports your body as it heals itself over time, significantly reducing pain and improving range of motion in stiff joints.

PLT light therapy has been shown to:

  • Increase circulation
  • Help reduce pain

Clinical use of InLight Medical’s  polychromatic light therapy (PLT) provides patients with pain-free, medication-reduced days in as little as 20 minutes. When clinically combined with prescribed physical therapy, mobility and balance improvements are measurable.


The Dual Relief Package features a state-of-the-art 2/PORT Controller with InLight Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology which allows you to experience the extreme usability of this portable system. These Two popular pads are very easy-to-use and allow multiple pad placement for dual relief.

2/PORT CONTROLLER with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology.
Enjoy the benefits of automated pulsed technology along with 7 manual setting options for professional applications.

What is PhotoBioModulation?

PLT initiates the photobiomodulation process, which releases nitric oxide – increasing circulation (blood flow) throughout the body. This mechanism of action is a photo-chemical response, not a heat/thermal response, therefore the tissue is safe from thermal damage making the InLight Medical systems both safe and effective.

Applying the flexible InLight polychromatic light therapy pads directly on the skin delivers a dose of photon energy (light) triggering a PBM response in the cells. PBM increases circulation and reduces pain. A simple 20-minute session is pre-programmed to deliver light in Progressive Multi-Pulse frequencies in every InLight Medical Controller.

Uniquely InLight Medical

  1. Traditional light therapy applications involve the application of one color (or wavelength). InLight Medical products provide POLYCHROMATIC therapy. “POLY” means more than one and “CHROMATIC” means color. Each light color wavelength has a different penetration depth when applied to tissue. Every InLight Medical pad utilizes two colors, with some pads, contain 3 colors.
  2. Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology rotates the light frequencies through several settings.

How is the InLight System used?

InLight Medical devices are specifically designed for easy and convenient use. All components of the InLight Medical systems are designed to work together in a easy place and press form factor. Place pads at or near the affected area, then press START to run the lights for a premeasured 20-minute application period. The polychromatic therapy pads are available in various shapes and sizes to suit:

  • Straight or flexed joints
  • Large surface areas
  • Small localized areas

User-friendly controls feature multiple settings, a timer function, flexible pads for comfortable positioning and velcro straps to secure pads in place. A comprehensive user manual is included with each system. Simple and safe.

Benefits of InLight Medical Products

1. FDA Cleared
2. Polychromatic Light Therapy (PLT)
3. Proprietary Progressive Multi-Pulse™ Technology
4. Engineered, designed, and managed in the USA
5. System Packages are ready to use out of the box


The InLight Medical products have been cleared by the FDA as being safe and effective use, to reduce pain and increase circulation. Light emitted from InLight Medical devices are within visable to infrared spectum and consist of non-ironizing radiation, which is safe for use.



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